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NYC NJ Live Streaming / Broadcasting

We provide multi-camera live streaming / broadcasting services for events large and small (wedding ceremonies, conferences, workshops, seminars, private meetings, funeral service, etc.) in New York, New Jersey, surrounding areas and destination.

We can broadcast your event online in real time from any location and to any platform (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Custom RTMP, Zoom).

Take a look at our live streaming packages ⇒


Multi Camera Live StreamingMultiple Cameras Live Streaming

We’ll bring up to 8 cameras and shoot your event from multiple angles for an immersive viewing experience.

High Definition Video and Crystal Clear Audio

We’ll deliver a stable stream in 720p and 1080p to your audience.

Real-time Chat and Messaging


NYC NJ Live StreamingPersonalized Webpage for Your Event

We create a custom webpage where your event will be streamed. The webpage can be personalized with pictures, text and links.

Compatibility on All Devices

Viewable anywhere, desktop or mobile.

Unlimited Online Viewers


NYC Event Live StreamingContent Archival

We will keep a back-up of all recordings from your event for up to 1 year at no additional charge. The HD video files can also be downloaded to your computer.

Password Protection and Security Features

We can stream directly to Facebook Live or password protected page to make your stream private.

Streaming to Any Platform

YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Custom RTMP, Zoom.


NYC Conference Live Streaming NJChoose your live streaming package ⇒

Or provide us with details of your event and we’ll get you a proposal shortly, or schedule a follow up call if we require more information. 

Discounted rates available for educational institutions and non-profits.


Wedding Ceremony Recorded Live Streaming

Funeral Ceremony Recorded Live Streaming


One-Camera Live Streaming 

Solo Light


1 hour / 1 camera



Solo Standard


4 hours / 1 camera



Solo Premium


8 hours / 1 camera



Multi-Camera Live Streaming



1 hour / 2 cameras





4 hours / 2 cameras





8 hours / 3 cameras



  • Professional Videographer Onsite
  • 720p and 1080p HD Quality
  • Broadcast Internet Connection
  • Custom Event Webpage
  • Real Time Chat and Messaging
  • Compatibility on All Devices
  • Unlimited Online Viewers
  • Content Archival
  • Password Protection and Security Features

Additional cameras (up to 8) and additional videographers are available.

We will be happy to create your ideal live streaming package. Provide us with details of your event and we’ll get you a proposal shortly, or schedule a follow up call if we require more information.

With all the questions and inquiries please contact:

t: 646-820-9074                     email: [email protected]

Our multi-camera setup of advanced video, audio and live streaming equipment is ready to broadcast your wedding ceremony or memorable event.

We provide the best audio and video experience for your online guests.

Live Streaming / Livestreaming for your conference, workshop, performance, presentation, demonstration, meeting, training video, wedding, event, seminar, funeral service, show, concert, etc.

NYC NJ Live Streaming

Multi Camera Event Live Streaming in NYC, NJ, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pensilvania.