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Critical Decisions You Need to Make When Planning Your Wedding

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There are few days that are as meaningful, celebrated, and stressful as your wedding day. For starters, you are committing yourself to love and hold one person till death do you part, which is a majorly beautiful and nerve-wracking commitment. But on top of that you have all of your friends and family celebrating your love with you, which can be both magical and a recipe for disaster. The success of your wedding all hinges on the proper planning to keep things smooth. Here are three critical decisions that you need to make when planning your wedding.

The Size of the Event

The first critical decision that you need to make when planning your wedding is choosing the size of your event. Weddings can range from elopements with just a few guests and witnesses to hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance. The size of your event impacts nearly every aspect of your wedding, from venue to catering to budget and location considerations. The typical wedding has somewhere between seventy five and one hundred and fifty guests, but large weddings can involve hundreds of guests. Know who you want to share your wedding with early in the planning process.

An Indoor v. Outdoor Venue

Another crucial decision that you will have to make when planning your wedding day is whether you want to have an indoor or outdoor venue. Both indoor and outdoor venues can be beautiful and host truly spectacular weddings, but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each. An indoor venue will be ideal if the weather is bad on your wedding day. If you choose to go with an outdoor venue, make sure you ask what backup plans they have in the event of inclement weather on your special day.

Wedding Location

The final critical decision that you need to make when planning your wedding is the wedding location. Not to be confused with venue, location is simply the area of the world or country that you are hosting your wedding. Some people really want to have a destination wedding somewhere unique, but no this is a large expense for guests and will mean a smaller wedding. If you want to make things easy for friends and family to attend, consider a location nearby to where your friends and family live.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things you do in your entire life. But if you know the right decisions to make early, you can make things easier for yourself. Make these three decisions and your wedding planning will start to fall into place.

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What You Need to Know Before Getting Married in Another Country

hawaii wedding

Destination weddings can be an incredible way to kick off your marriage, and an international destination wedding is even more exciting. However, if you are planning on getting married in a different country, you should make sure that you are prepared for some of the complications that can bring. The earlier you start planning your international wedding, the better it will be and the more you will be able to enjoy the whole experience.

Work Out the Logistics

The first element of an international wedding that can be complicated is simply figuring out the logistics of the whole situation. You need to figure out how you and your guests will get there and how you will take care of elements like a photographer and catering. Some of those elements may be taken care of at your venue, but if there is a specific photographer you want, you should figure out how much you are willing to budget to get them to your wedding. Once the logistics are taken care of, you can focus on the more fun parts of wedding planning.

Legal Requirements

It’s also important that you understand the legal requirements that can be involved with international weddings. Some countries require you to reside there for a certain period of time before getting married. And sometimes your marriage won’t be legal back in the US unless you make proper arrangements for a marriage certificate back home. Take time to do your research so you know what requirements you need to meet for your marriage to be legal when you return to the US after your wedding.

Get a Wedding Planner

If you want to enjoy your wedding with as little stress as possible, it will help to have a wedding planner on hand. They can guide you through the process and take care of many of the more complicated details. If you choose a wedding planner who specializes in international destination weddings, it will be even easier. They will have the knowledge and experience to plan an amazing wedding in the location of your choice.

Your international destination wedding will be an event to remember. And if you take the time to plan it carefully, you can have an incredible time exploring a new country with the person you love. Get some help with the process so you don’t have to stress more than necessary and can focus on your beautiful day.

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Decorations That Should Be at the Entrance to Your Wedding

Whether you are having a large party or an intimate gathering for your wedding, your guests are incredibly important to you. Each guest should feel welcomed immediately at your wedding, which can be accomplished further through entrance decorations! The decorations at the entrance of your wedding should be inviting, personable, and elegant, so here are a few to help!


Lights are essential wedding entrance decorations, especially if part or all of your wedding is at night. Lights are immediately warm and welcoming. Also, lights can be used to spotlight or emphasize other important decorations. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could even directly correlate lights with other decorations by having them correspond with your wedding colors. There are many different lighting options for you to choose from like from twinkle lights to pathway lights, all of which set slightly different moods.

Canvas Photo Prints

At least one large photo of you and your spouse should be at the entrance of your wedding. The guests are, after all, there to celebrate the two of you! There is nothing they would like to see more than a joyful, loving picture of the happy couple. Instead of typical photo prints, consider opting for canvas photo prints. With a canvas print, you don’t need to deal with a frame. Also, canvas printing reduces glare that happens with a typical photo print. A canvas print will be stunning from all different angles, in all lighting, and at all hours of the day.


Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. They are very beautiful and will definitely add an elegant touch to your entrance decorations. There are also many different decorations you can make with flowers from simple bouquet arrangements to extravagant floral arches or hanging garlands. Look for inspiration online, on social media, or in wedding magazines. If you are unsure about which flowers to use, try using ones that are in season when you get married. In-season flowers will be healthier, more suitable for the climate and natural color scheme, and often less expensive since they are in greater abundance than other flowers.

Every part of your wedding should reflect something about you and your spouse. This is especially true at its entrance. The decorations you use at the entrance of your wedding will make the first impression and set the mood for the rest of your wedding.

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What You Need to Put on Your Invites Before Sending Them Out

What You Need to Put on Your Invites Before Sending Them Out

Your wedding invitations are an important part of your wedding planning. These are the pieces that ensure your guests know key information about the event. Before sending your invites out you need to include all the relevant information, photos, and an RSVP.

All the Relevant Information

Your invites need to have all the relevant information. It is easy to leave out information because you have many other things on your mind. Your invitation needs to include your names, and the names of the hosts. The hosts are typically who are paying for the event. You need to include the date of your wedding and the time. You should include the ceremony location as well as the reception location. Be specific when including locations to ensure that your guests don’t get lost. You should also indicate whether there will be a dress code for your event in the lower right corner.


What you include on your wedding invitations allows you to be creative. What you include can really personalize your invites, showcase who you are, and give a glimpse into your wedding day. You can utilize photos for an announcement card or invitations. You can make announcement cards if you get professional quality photos of your engagements. These are cards that are to only announce that the event is happening, not invite guests. You can also utilize professional engagements on your invitations.


You should include an RSVP either on your invite or on a card included in the invite for your guests to reply. This is an important piece for your peace of mind because you have numbers to think about for a caterer and your venue. RSVP cards will allow you to get a final count of who will be present at your wedding. You should make a deadline for receiving a “yes” or “no” from your guests a few weeks in advance to make sure you have down final numbers and allow your guests some time to respond. If also including a plated dinner at your wedding, included in an RSVP card can also be a place for them to select which option they prefer.

Your wedding invitation is an important piece of the event. It needs to include key elements for the wedding to go smoothly. Make sure you include all the relevant information, photos, and an RSVP before sending out your invites.

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Wedding Trends Every Young Couple Should Know About

nyc wedding photographer ny

Wedding Trends Every Young Couple Should Know About.

It is no secret that wedding trends are changing every year. Over the last 10 years, wedding traditions have seen a significant transformation from weddings 20 and 30 years ago. Following the pandemic, wedding trends have altered even more to accommodate individual and supply needs. Transitioning into this new era of weddings, this article will discuss a few of the hottest wedding trends every young couple should know about.

Changing Attire

Wedding attire is a major part of the wedding. Some brides-to-be spend years thinking about what they will wear walking down the aisle. Ultimately, what you wear should make you feel beautiful and one of a kind. Today, current wedding trends are focusing on simple cuts with more design elements to make the bride stand out. Adding tons of sparkle, beading and sequins are really bringing attention to the bride during the ceremony, while a get-away dress and even another outfit for a dance number or two is getting popular. As for the groom and bridal party, wedding attire is becoming much more casual. The groom can get away with a suit rather than a tux, and bridesmaids are usually in mix and match styles with contrasting elements these days, rather than uniform.

More DIY Planning

Because of supply chain breakdowns and thrifty trends, many individuals have switched to DIY projects. DIY decorations add a rustic and romantic element to every wedding, and have a unique charm that makes the wedding feel more personable. DIY planning is also more cost effective because you put in most of the work and cut supply and labor costs. With so much time to plan the wedding, and the overarching simplicity that weddings are adopting, DIY is the perfect choice for simple, personable, and chic weddings.

Less Formality

The number of couples choosing to celebrate in traditional weddings venues such as banquet halls, churches, and hotel reception rooms has dropped significantly. Meanwhile, unconventional venues like barns, outdoor gardens, and farms are growing in popularity. Couples are opting for less formality. Many couples are getting married later in life and can contribute more to their weddings financially. This means they have more control over the format of their wedding and can personalize it accordingly. Because of this, fewer weddings require black-tie attire and formal sit-down dinners. Instead, couples want their guests to be comfortable and socialize. Many couples describe their ideal celebration as more of a party than a formal event. It is important to remember that less formality should not make your wedding feel like a casual life event. You can still have a beautiful celebration with fewer traditional practices.


As society becomes more concerned with transitioning to eco-friendly living, weddings have been likewise impacted. Many wedding companies and venues are offering more sustainable wedding options than ever before. Choosing an environmentally friendly wedding means choosing products that can be reused, recycled, repurposed, or resold after the wedding. 

For example, foregoing plastic dinnerware will make a big impact on your carbon footprint. Straws are the most common single-use plastic and can cause a lot of environmental harm. Consider using metal or recycled paper straws for guests that insist on having one. If you are looking for additional ways you can plan a more sustainable wedding, reach out to a venue that offers outdoor space to help cut down on energy costs and use the beauty of nature to be your backdrop.

Transitioning Online

The integration of technology into society has changed many of the traditional practices. People spend so much time on their phones and online that it is more effective to communicate with them through the same method. Younger generation couples are sold on using online resources to plan and execute their wedding. Approximately 80 percent of a couple’s wedding planning is spent online. Design a wedding website that gives guests more detailed wedding information and tells your story. You can also link a registry online to make purchasing and returns much simpler.

Early Wedding Planning

Today’s generation values planning their wedding ahead of time. Two out of three young couples take at least one wedding planning action before getting engaged. Most young couples start the process of planning their wedding by looking at wedding dresses, creating Pinterest boards, and hiring a wedding planner to help them out. Many couples plan their wedding a year or two in advance to make sure they don’t feel stressed about planning and timeline. Long engagements and early wedding planning makes it possible for you to arrange every detail with a lot less stress.

Tailored Decorations

Couples are becoming more creative and sophisticated with their requests. Many couples want a more tailored approach to their requests. Tailored requests usually entail fresh centerpieces and unique elements that represent the couple. The transition to personalized decorations has caused a shift away from two-color schemes that couples used to focus on. Now it is more about the atmosphere and vibe rather than uniform matching tablespaces. Do not hesitate to pick elements that express you as a couple. Focus less on color schemes and more on the overall aesthetic to achieve this wedding trend.

Providing an Experience

Many parties that are hosted today try to focus on providing an experience for their guests. This line of thinking has wound its way into wedding celebrations as well. Couples are much more focused on providing entertainment and looking after their guests. Bride and groom want to make their wedding as much of a memorable experience for their guests as it is for them. Some experiences couples are coming up with include unique cocktail service, interactive entertainment like comedians and DJs, street artists to sketch your guests, photo booths, and so much more.

A wedding is one of the biggest life events you will experience. Perhaps the biggest trend today is the freedom to do what you want. Plan your wedding to reflect who you are as a couple and make your day truly memorable!

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Why You Need a Professional Photographer at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. When everything is over, the cake will be eaten, the champagne bottles will be empty, and the guests will be gone. But one thing will remain forever, and that is the memories. The pictures taken that day are what will preserve those memories for generations to come. That is why your top priority for your wedding should be to find a professional photographer who is experienced with weddings. Don’t leave the chronicling of your day to a novice.

Get the Best Results

A professional photographer has the equipment to create sharp and flawless images, from every possible vantage point. A professional photographer with experience in weddings is also skilled at taking quality candid shots. Wedding photos are primarily composed of candid shots, catching the most important moments, such as the ring exchange, the cutting of the cake, and that special first dance in real time. Unskilled photographers tend to catch you in awkward and unflattering positions. You need a professional who knows exactly where to be and how to turn each precious moment into a timeless memoir of your love.

Preserve the Memories

Professional photographers can take care of preserving your memories with high quality prints. They have access to state-of-the-art printing services, and can recommend the best surfaces to print on, depending on the photograph. You can print your photos on many materials for different looks. Standard materials such as canvas and photo paper can be preserved and displayed in complementary frames. You can also create enduring art pieces on glass, metal, and even wood. Wedding photos are lasting and tangible reminders of your love and commitment to one another.

An Eye for Detail

Professional photographers are trained to notice every detail, from the bride’s misplaced hair to the unzipped fly on the best man’s tuxedo pants. Many wedding shots have been saved by an attentive photographer. While the wedding party and guests are focused on celebrating, the photographer is focused on making sure that each detail is perfect. A professional photographer understands artistic elements such as lighting, perspective, and framing. This means that every photograph from your wedding will be worthy of sharing.

This is your day. Be sure to capture each moment with photographs that you will be proud to share. Of all the critical aspects of your wedding, hiring a professional photographer should be among the top. Preserve your memories with the very best.

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Things to Think about When Choosing Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting but monumental task. As you think about your catering options, it’s important to think carefully about whether or not to serve drinks at your wedding. There are a lot of pros and cons to consider so make sure to take your time on this decision.

Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Considering Cost

Serving fancy drinks comes at a cost that you’ll need to plan into your wedding budget. Additionally, you should think carefully through the different options. Having signature gourmet lemonades could be a fun less expensive way to go especially if you have a summer wedding.

Consult with a couple of different drink caterers to find a good fit for you and your budget. You should be aware that some caterers will charge a flat fee for a certain headcount and then you can offer unlimited drinks to your guests. Other vendors will charge per drink which means that your bill could vary.

Serving Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can be fun, but for the sake of any designated drivers or those who don’t drink, offering alternatives is a thoughtful way to go. At a bare minimum, you should offer water. Having this as an option will help ensure that people are safe—this is especially important for people with car-related careers.

People with professional licenses who are involved in criminal proceedings, like DUI charges, can be reported automatically to licensing boards. This can have major repercussions for them and their work.

Having a Bar

If you do decide to serve alcohol, you need to decide how you are going to serve it. If you and your fiancé aren’t necessarily big cocktail people, you may consider simply having one of your favorite bottles of wine as the optional drink for the night. This will cut costs.

On the other hand, if you want to have a bar, you’ll need to think through how many different drinks to offer. You should also decide if the bar will be open or not. Some people might want to have unlimited free drinks, but you certainly aren’t required to pay for unlimited drinks for everyone.

While the decision of whether or not to serve drinks may seem stressful now, remember that the day will be beautiful regardless of what you decide. You’ll have the people who love you the most surrounding you and they will be happy for you and excited to be there regardless of if you have drinks or not. Choose what you feel most comfortable with and go from there.

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Alternatives to Diamonds You Should Consider

Alternatives to diamonds, engagement ring

Diamonds can be more expensive than some couples want to pay for an engagement ring. For others, ethical implications about conflict and environmental harm turn them away from buying diamonds. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to diamonds for an engagement ring.

Other Stones

You can use another stone like emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Multiple gems, such as sapphires, come in many different colors and can provide a unique flair to your engagement ring. Diamonds are not the only stones that have the durability required for an engagement ring; sapphires, for example, are one of the world’s most durable naturally occurring elements.

Rubies and emeralds have long been valued for their rarity and high quality. Diamonds are not the only stones with special meaning and worth. Today, many new brides-to-be are choosing gemstones other than diamonds. Don’t go with a diamond just because of tradition if you’d rather pick a stone that’s more your personal style.

Source: https://www.goldenagebeads.com/

Lab-Grown Options

Synthetic, lab-grown options are a great choice if you love the look and sparkle of diamonds but are looking for a more ethical or more affordable alternative. You can get a real diamond (chemically and optically identical to a natural diamond) which is made in a lab, or you can find man-made simulated diamonds like moissanite, cubic zirconia, and asha. Cubic zirconia is a colorless tone made of cubic crystalline, for example, and is not as hard or sparkly as a natural diamond but is one of the least expensive options for a diamond alternative. These options can satisfy your desire for a diamond-like stone without including the environmental and social impact of natural diamonds.

Source: https://www.sterlingsilverrings.com/

Go Stone-less

Alternative to diamonds, Stoneless ring

Plain bands are gaining popularity among newly engaged couples. Stoneless engagement rings, despite seeming to veer from tradition, come with many benefits. They are less expensive due to their lack of center stone and large embellishments, which means they are also less flashy and less likely to be stolen. Plain bands are also very flexible—they’re timeless and do not necessitate purchasing an additional wedding band.

Source: https://www.brides.com/

“Plain” does not need to mean “not unique”—there are many ways in which you can personalize and add detail to your ring. You can have it engraved or have fancy detail carved into the metal band. You also have a variety of options for the kind of metal it is made out of.

When it comes to sealing your engagement, you do not have to go the traditional route. Although many people prefer diamonds, there are many great alternative options for an engagement ring. Whether you decide on a different type of stone, a lab-grown simulated diamond, or even no stone at all, the romantic and symbolic gesture will hold the same weight and value.

If you’re engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, check out my photography packages!