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Things to Think about When Choosing Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting but monumental task. As you think about your catering options, it’s important to think carefully about whether or not to serve drinks at your wedding. There are a lot of pros and cons to consider so make sure to take your time on this decision.

Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Considering Cost

Serving fancy drinks comes at a cost that you’ll need to plan into your wedding budget. Additionally, you should think carefully through the different options. Having signature gourmet lemonades could be a fun less expensive way to go especially if you have a summer wedding.

Consult with a couple of different drink caterers to find a good fit for you and your budget. You should be aware that some caterers will charge a flat fee for a certain headcount and then you can offer unlimited drinks to your guests. Other vendors will charge per drink which means that your bill could vary.

Serving Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can be fun, but for the sake of any designated drivers or those who don’t drink, offering alternatives is a thoughtful way to go. At a bare minimum, you should offer water. Having this as an option will help ensure that people are safe—this is especially important for people with car-related careers.

People with professional licenses who are involved in criminal proceedings, like DUI charges, can be reported automatically to licensing boards. This can have major repercussions for them and their work.

Having a Bar

If you do decide to serve alcohol, you need to decide how you are going to serve it. If you and your fiancé aren’t necessarily big cocktail people, you may consider simply having one of your favorite bottles of wine as the optional drink for the night. This will cut costs.

On the other hand, if you want to have a bar, you’ll need to think through how many different drinks to offer. You should also decide if the bar will be open or not. Some people might want to have unlimited free drinks, but you certainly aren’t required to pay for unlimited drinks for everyone.

While the decision of whether or not to serve drinks may seem stressful now, remember that the day will be beautiful regardless of what you decide. You’ll have the people who love you the most surrounding you and they will be happy for you and excited to be there regardless of if you have drinks or not. Choose what you feel most comfortable with and go from there.

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Hudson Valley Wedding Videography – New York Wedding Film – Caitlin and Kevin

Hudson Valley Wedding Videography. New York Wedding at private residence, Caitlin and Kevin.

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Alternatives to Diamonds You Should Consider

Alternatives to diamonds, engagement ring

Diamonds can be more expensive than some couples want to pay for an engagement ring. For others, ethical implications about conflict and environmental harm turn them away from buying diamonds. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to diamonds for an engagement ring.

Other Stones

You can use another stone like emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Multiple gems, such as sapphires, come in many different colors and can provide a unique flair to your engagement ring. Diamonds are not the only stones that have the durability required for an engagement ring; sapphires, for example, are one of the world’s most durable naturally occurring elements.

Rubies and emeralds have long been valued for their rarity and high quality. Diamonds are not the only stones with special meaning and worth. Today, many new brides-to-be are choosing gemstones other than diamonds. Don’t go with a diamond just because of tradition if you’d rather pick a stone that’s more your personal style.

Source: https://www.goldenagebeads.com/

Lab-Grown Options

Synthetic, lab-grown options are a great choice if you love the look and sparkle of diamonds but are looking for a more ethical or more affordable alternative. You can get a real diamond (chemically and optically identical to a natural diamond) which is made in a lab, or you can find man-made simulated diamonds like moissanite, cubic zirconia, and asha. Cubic zirconia is a colorless tone made of cubic crystalline, for example, and is not as hard or sparkly as a natural diamond but is one of the least expensive options for a diamond alternative. These options can satisfy your desire for a diamond-like stone without including the environmental and social impact of natural diamonds.

Source: https://www.sterlingsilverrings.com/

Go Stone-less

Alternative to diamonds, Stoneless ring

Plain bands are gaining popularity among newly engaged couples. Stoneless engagement rings, despite seeming to veer from tradition, come with many benefits. They are less expensive due to their lack of center stone and large embellishments, which means they are also less flashy and less likely to be stolen. Plain bands are also very flexible—they’re timeless and do not necessitate purchasing an additional wedding band.

Source: https://www.brides.com/

“Plain” does not need to mean “not unique”—there are many ways in which you can personalize and add detail to your ring. You can have it engraved or have fancy detail carved into the metal band. You also have a variety of options for the kind of metal it is made out of.

When it comes to sealing your engagement, you do not have to go the traditional route. Although many people prefer diamonds, there are many great alternative options for an engagement ring. Whether you decide on a different type of stone, a lab-grown simulated diamond, or even no stone at all, the romantic and symbolic gesture will hold the same weight and value.

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NYC Helicopter Marriage Proposal video. Marriage proposal on helicopter over Manhattan and Empire State Building.

How to Create a Gorgeous Drape Ceiling for Your Wedding

Gorgeous Drape Ceiling

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding. Adding a ceiling drape to your wedding space can turn an ordinary structure into something wonderful. Here are some tips to help you create a striking drape ceiling for your wedding or reception.

Plan the Vision

The shape of the space will have a big impact on your draping options. If the room is long and narrow, draping it in a barn roof style, with a long ridge along the center, will probably work best. A large square room can be draped from the center or diagonally from corner to corner. If the room is just too odd to drape fully, consider adding a draped section near the gift or cake table. Before you can start hanging fabric, you’ll need to set your hanging points with wires across the room. Measure with care, because you’ll need to invest in fabric or lights to string across the wires once they’re up.

Select Materials

Your drape materials can be as unique as you and your partner are. If you don’t mind the look of the existing ceiling, use ribbons or twinkle lights to brighten the space. To add to the romance of an ordinary room, consider using gauze or netting as a drape fabric. Be aware that your fabric runs should be continuous. Whatever material you choose, make sure to buy it in bolts so you can cut it on-site for the best fit.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Once your hanging points are up, take a look at your hanging wire. If you’re using a cable, be aware that it’s often treated with a rust inhibitor that may leave grease marks on your fabric. Wipe down the wires with a degreaser if you plan to reuse the fabric. For a ridgeline drape, start from the center and hang several panels, split in half, over the wire. The flatter the fabric, the smoother your finished result. The type of ladder you need will depend on the details you’ve worked out in your planning stage, such as the height of the ceiling. For a hub and spoke, measure from the farthest corner to your center attachment point and add length to allow for draping.

Draping a ceiling lets you turn an ordinary space into something really special. If you’re ready to turn your venue into an elegant bridal hall, choose a color and weight of fabric that will create the mood you want. Buy fabric on the bolt. Set your wires first, then start hanging fabric and lights until the place is enchanting.

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What Kind of Car Should You Take on Your Adventurous Outdoor Elopement?

Getting married in New York

Getting married in your hometown and going on a predictable cruise or resort stay for your honeymoon isn’t for everyone. Many couples are instead choosing to express their individuality by celebrating their marriage with an outdoor adventure. Going on a rugged exploration is not only unique, but it provides a hugely memorable way to mark the start of your life together. Luckily, not only have the options for weddings and honeymoons advanced over the years, but so have SUV options.

Plenty of Space

While you’re experiencing your wedding/off-roading adventure, one thing you don’t want to be short of is space. Many small SUVs on the market can be somewhat cramped on the inside. This may seem fine for two people, but camping gear and other equipment can max out the available cargo room surprisingly quickly. According to Campmor, you need to make sure equipment like tents can fit either inside or on top of your vehicle. To ease the stress of packing, look for a midsize or larger size SUV. The Ford Explorer, Subaru Atlas, and Honda Pilot are just a few fantastic options that fit a wide variety of needs.

Look for Four Wheel Drive

Many people incorrectly assume that all SUVs are equipped with four-wheel drive. Though the majority of models are four-wheel drive equipped, this is not a given. Common models like the Ford Explorer or Mazda CX-5 are also available in two-wheel drive, which can be difficult to distinguish. Avis explains that many midsize or intermediate SUVs have off-roading capabilities and four-wheel drive, which makes them perfect for outdoor adventure. One of the most well-known vehicles in this category is the Jeep Cherokee. When you’re looking to rent an SUV for your big adventure, make sure that it is equipped with four-wheel drive. This not only allows you to explore a greater area, but it reduces the potential for the stressful situation of getting stuck.

Off-Road Capability Can Still Be Luxurious

When selecting the chariot for your off-roading adventure, remember to balance luxury and toughness. While the typical SUV runs no risk of being mistaken for a wedding limo, modern SUVs can still pack a surprising amount of luxury. Even if you’re roughing it, there is no reason to be uncomfortable. Even in the great outdoors, one can still appreciate the rich feel of a heated leather seat.

An outdoor adventure is a fantastic way for a couple to demonstrate their unique and fun personalities. With just a little planning and the right vehicle, you can have a trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime. There have never been more options for versatile vehicles, so pick your favorite, and go celebrate!

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Do You Have a Plan for Your Wedding Cake?

wedding cake


Your wedding cake functions as the focal point for your wedding reception’s decorations. As such, this wedding centerpiece often gets very elaborate. However, dreaming of a stunning wedding cake and ending up with one maybe two very different things if you don’t plan it right. If you’re in the beginning stages of cake planning, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Fashion Film – Outlaws NYC

PrinceAnthony Hall Jr. @princesupreme

Videographer & Editor
Serge Gree @sergegreephotovideo

Ta’Lor D’Yonna Mosley @moseiimose
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PrinceAnthony Hall Jr. @princesupreme

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NYC Fashion Film | Breeoriginal Designs – Ritani – Rose Mansion

Fashion Film for Breeoriginal Designs – Ritani – Rose Mansion

Fashion designer: Bree Billiter @breeoriginaldesigns
Jewelry: Ritani @ritani
Location: Rose Mansion @rosewinemansion
Photographer: Rebeca Fed @rebecaphotography
Videographer & Editor: Serge Gree @sergegreephotovideo
Stylist: Gabriella Georgie @imgabulousss
Lead Hair Stylist: Maria Orloff @orloff_hair

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