Amita & Piyush’s Wedding

Amita & Piyush’s Wedding #twopeasinappod

October 18, 2020

Live Stream

Wedding Day Timeline:

8:00 Ceremony

Kasi Yatra
An enactment of the groom setting off on a pilgrimage towards Kasi to live the life of a student. As Piyush pretends to leave the venue with a pair of slippers, walking stick and a book, he is stopped by the Amita’s father who persuades him to adopt “grahastam” (family life) and offers Amita’s hand in marriage.

Maalai Matral
Amita and Piyush sit on the shoulders of friends and family and try to adorn each other with garlands, adding fun and festivity to the occasion.

Amita and Piyush sit on an “oonjal” or swing. The ups and downs of the swing represent the joys and sorrows of the life they will face together. Married women wash the couple’s feet with milk and protect them from the evil eye by circling a handful of colored rice around their head and then tossing it away in all four directions.

Amita’s parents offer her hand to Piyush, showing they are now partners in life.

Maangalya Dharanam
Piyush’s parents present Amita with a red nine yard silk saree symbolizing their acceptance of her into their family. Amita changes into her newly gifted saree. Amita sits on her father’s lap and Piyush takes a sacred thread (the Maangalya or Thali), fastens two knots around her neck. Piyush’s sister then fastens one more knot. These knots symbolize the union of two individuals and their families.

Paani Grahanam
Piyush and Amita hold hands and recite mantras saying ‘We shall not part from each other even after we grow old’.

Saptapadi, the defining ritual of a Hindu wedding, literally translates to ‘seven steps’. The couple takes these steps, hand-in-hand. Vedic mantras are chanted by the priest representing the 7 sacred vows of a marriage. This ritual marks the symbolic beginning of Amita and Piyush’s journey as wife and husband.

Piyush and Amita face the sacred fire and perform various “homams” or fire sacrifices including Laaja Homam and Pradhaana Homan. Amita’s brother gives her a handful of parched rice grains which they feed into the fire, seeking a long life for the family.