Alternatives to Diamonds You Should Consider

Alternatives to diamonds, engagement ring

Diamonds can be more expensive than some couples want to pay for an engagement ring. For others, ethical implications about conflict and environmental harm turn them away from buying diamonds. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to diamonds for an engagement ring.

Other Stones

You can use another stone like emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Multiple gems, such as sapphires, come in many different colors and can provide a unique flair to your engagement ring. Diamonds are not the only stones that have the durability required for an engagement ring; sapphires, for example, are one of the world’s most durable naturally occurring elements.

Rubies and emeralds have long been valued for their rarity and high quality. Diamonds are not the only stones with special meaning and worth. Today, many new brides-to-be are choosing gemstones other than diamonds. Don’t go with a diamond just because of tradition if you’d rather pick a stone that’s more your personal style.


Lab-Grown Options

Synthetic, lab-grown options are a great choice if you love the look and sparkle of diamonds but are looking for a more ethical or more affordable alternative. You can get a real diamond (chemically and optically identical to a natural diamond) which is made in a lab, or you can find man-made simulated diamonds like moissanite, cubic zirconia, and asha. Cubic zirconia is a colorless tone made of cubic crystalline, for example, and is not as hard or sparkly as a natural diamond but is one of the least expensive options for a diamond alternative. These options can satisfy your desire for a diamond-like stone without including the environmental and social impact of natural diamonds.


Go Stone-less

Alternative to diamonds, Stoneless ring

Plain bands are gaining popularity among newly engaged couples. Stoneless engagement rings, despite seeming to veer from tradition, come with many benefits. They are less expensive due to their lack of center stone and large embellishments, which means they are also less flashy and less likely to be stolen. Plain bands are also very flexible—they’re timeless and do not necessitate purchasing an additional wedding band.


“Plain” does not need to mean “not unique”—there are many ways in which you can personalize and add detail to your ring. You can have it engraved or have fancy detail carved into the metal band. You also have a variety of options for the kind of metal it is made out of.

When it comes to sealing your engagement, you do not have to go the traditional route. Although many people prefer diamonds, there are many great alternative options for an engagement ring. Whether you decide on a different type of stone, a lab-grown simulated diamond, or even no stone at all, the romantic and symbolic gesture will hold the same weight and value.

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