Grand Oaks Country Club wedding – Staten Island wedding videography

Francesca and David’s wedding at The Grand Oaks Country Club. Cinematic Highlights.
Dave and Francesca met one Thursday evening at the tutoring center in their college where they both worked. What began as a quick conversation, quickly turned into a week of talking which led to a sweet date at a local cupcake shop. It was at that cupcake shop where they shared their first kiss and began their lives together.
After three months of knowing one another, they began to realize that they were meant to be forever. One July evening, three months into their relationship, Dave took Francesca on a stroll through a local park and told her that he loved her.
After 8 months of dating, Dave took Francesca back to that same spot where he first told her that he loved her. This time he held a ring in his hand and asked her to marry him.
As they prepared for marriage, the couple learned to endure the distance between them. Although Francesca lived in Queens and Dave lived in Staten Island, the couple made sure that they traveled to each other everyday to see one another.
After enduring long commutes, finishing college, landing full time jobs and finding a cozy little home, the couple finally became one on September 27, 2015. This special day marked the day when they would no longer have to live apart and could begin the rest of forever.
The couple enjoys hiking, eating out, visiting beautiful wonders of nature, cuddling and spending everyday together.



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