Give a Great Wedding Speech with These 4 Tips

Great Wedding Speech tips

Weddings are fun and emotional. So, ensure you capture these two aspects when giving a wedding speech. This will make the wedding memorable and the people to love you. Here are four tips for giving a wedding speech:

Make People Laugh

While giving a wedding speech, being funny is your secret weapon. When people laugh, they will like you, and the ceremony too. Do not fear telling childhood tales of the groom and the bride that will embarrass them. The guests will want to know the silly things that the groom and his bride did when they were young. When you are worried that your joke will be too overrated, ask yourself what the old guys in the ceremony would say about it. Also, avoid gags about private parts and body secretions, they won’t be as funny as you think.


Stick to the Point

People who give speeches at weddings are either family or friends of the groom or bride of the ceremony. Therefore, you should undoubtedly say nice things about the groom and the bride and their relationship. Keep away from negative topics such as their break-up because of another woman or man. As militant as it sounds, your designation is to gush about the groom and the bride. Even if your best friend’s new wife is a little crazy sometimes, you are going to deliver a speech that makes her look like Mother Teresa.


Practicing the Pace of your Speech

Before giving the actual speech, practice the pace in the bathroom. This will provide you with confidence and composure since you will know precisely how to deliver the speech with everyone getting every word you utter. Failure in practicing the pace of your speech can have some guests, especially older ones, fail to hear some words if your pace is too fast.


Know When to Be Silly, and When to Be Serious

After praising the groom and the bride, and telling about their funny moments, get back to the reason for the wedding ceremony. Welcome the groom or bride to the family. This formal acceptance is very traditional and is a tremendous emotional part of your speech. It does not require puns or fancy language. Just turn to the happy couple and directly address them. This can help you with your nerves and offer the audience a sentimental moment.


Making people laugh, sticking to the point, getting people on an emotional rollercoaster, and practicing the pace of your speech will help you give a great wedding speech.

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