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We put footage from multiple cameras and external sound recorders and edit it all together, to make cinematic wedding films.

Email: [email protected]          Phone: 646-820-9074          Instagram: @sergegreephotovideo

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NJ Wedding Photographer NYC


Imani and Raynard (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Ariel and Ross (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Caitlin and Kevin (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Elana and Lenny (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Michelle and Greg (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Brenda and Chris (Cinematic Wedding Film)

Katelyn and Justin (Cinematic Wedding Film)

Sunnie and Allan (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Andrea and Justin (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Sheena and Cole (Short Cinematic Wedding Film)

Roz and Adrian (Super 8mm Cinematic Wedding Film)

Jenna and Leon (Cinematic Wedding Film)

Casey and Devon (Super 8mm Cinematic Wedding Film)

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