How to Create a Gorgeous Drape Ceiling for Your Wedding

Gorgeous Drape Ceiling

How to Create a Gorgeous Drape Ceiling for Your Wedding.

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding. Adding a ceiling drape to your wedding space can turn an ordinary structure into something wonderful. Here are some tips to help you create a striking drape ceiling for your wedding or reception.

Plan the Vision

The shape of the space will have a big impact on your draping options. If the room is long and narrow, draping it in a barn roof style, with a long ridge along the center, will probably work best. A large square room can be draped from the center or diagonally from corner to corner. If the room is just too odd to drape fully, consider adding a draped section near the gift or cake table. Before you can start hanging fabric, you’ll need to set your hanging points with wires across the room. Measure with care, because you’ll need to invest in fabric or lights to string across the wires once they’re up.

Select Materials

Your drape materials can be as unique as you and your partner are. If you don’t mind the look of the existing ceiling, use ribbons or twinkle lights to brighten the space. To add to the romance of an ordinary room, consider using gauze or netting as a drape fabric. Be aware that your fabric runs should be continuous. Whatever material you choose, make sure to buy it in bolts so you can cut it on-site for the best fit.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Once your hanging points are up, take a look at your hanging wire. If you’re using a cable, be aware that it’s often treated with a rust inhibitor that may leave grease marks on your fabric. Wipe down the wires with a degreaser if you plan to reuse the fabric. For a ridgeline drape, start from the center and hang several panels, split in half, over the wire. The flatter the fabric, the smoother your finished result. The type of ladder you need will depend on the details you’ve worked out in your planning stage, such as the height of the ceiling. For a hub and spoke, measure from the farthest corner to your center attachment point and add length to allow for draping.

Draping a ceiling lets you turn an ordinary space into something really special. If you’re ready to turn your venue into an elegant bridal hall, choose a color and weight of fabric that will create the mood you want. Buy fabric on the bolt. Set your wires first, then start hanging fabric and lights until the place is enchanting.

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How to Create a Gorgeous Drape Ceiling for Your Wedding