What Kind of Car Should You Take on Your Adventurous Outdoor Elopement?

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What Kind of Car Should You Take on Your Adventurous Outdoor Elopement?

Getting married in your hometown and going on a predictable cruise or resort stay for your honeymoon isn’t for everyone. Many couples are instead choosing to express their individuality by celebrating their marriage with an outdoor adventure. Going on a rugged exploration is not only unique, but it provides a hugely memorable way to mark the start of your life together. Luckily, not only have the options for weddings and honeymoons advanced over the years, but so have SUV options.

Plenty of Space

While you’re experiencing your wedding/off-roading adventure, one thing you don’t want to be short of is space. Many small SUVs on the market can be somewhat cramped on the inside. This may seem fine for two people, but camping gear and other equipment can max out the available cargo room surprisingly quickly. According to Campmor, you need to make sure equipment like tents can fit either inside or on top of your vehicle. To ease the stress of packing, look for a midsize or larger size SUV. The Ford Explorer, Subaru Atlas, and Honda Pilot are just a few fantastic options that fit a wide variety of needs.

Look for Four Wheel Drive

Many people incorrectly assume that all SUVs are equipped with four-wheel drive. Though the majority of models are four-wheel drive equipped, this is not a given. Common models like the Ford Explorer or Mazda CX-5 are also available in two-wheel drive, which can be difficult to distinguish. Avis explains that many midsize or intermediate SUVs have off-roading capabilities and four-wheel drive, which makes them perfect for outdoor adventure. One of the most well-known vehicles in this category is the Jeep Cherokee. When you’re looking to rent an SUV for your big adventure, make sure that it is equipped with four-wheel drive. This not only allows you to explore a greater area, but it reduces the potential for the stressful situation of getting stuck.

Off-Road Capability Can Still Be Luxurious

When selecting the chariot for your off-roading adventure, remember to balance luxury and toughness. While the typical SUV runs no risk of being mistaken for a wedding limo, modern SUVs can still pack a surprising amount of luxury. Even if you’re roughing it, there is no reason to be uncomfortable. Even in the great outdoors, one can still appreciate the rich feel of a heated leather seat.

An outdoor adventure is a fantastic way for a couple to demonstrate their unique and fun personalities. With just a little planning and the right vehicle, you can have a trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime. There have never been more options for versatile vehicles, so pick your favorite, and go celebrate!

Even if you’re eloping, you can still have great photos to remember your special day. Contact me for a quote!

What Kind of Car Should You Take on Your Adventurous Outdoor Elopement?