3 Details that Will Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Special

Wedding Reception Ideas from NYC Wedding Photographer

wedding reception ideas


The little things matter the most in this lifetime. It may be a certain tone an individual’s voice has. It may even be a subtle and nostalgic fragrance in the air, too. If you want your wedding reception to be particularly poignant and memorable, focusing on these three simple nuances may go a long way for you.

Video Compilation

Wedding attendees have a blast watching video compilations that go into the lives of couples tying the knot. These compilations tend to consist of videos or photographs. They often include a mix of both. People tend to show off these compilations as attendees are beginning to get to the reception. If you want to make your compilation particularly lovely, you should make the wedding preparation process a part of it. Show a clip of yourself diligently pondering layout arrangements.


If you and your significant other have a preferred fragrance, you should integrate it into your reception. This can be smart for one big reason. If you make this scent a staple in your upcoming abode, it will encourage you both to think about your amazing reception and how it kicked off your marvelous union. Decide if you want a sweet or spicy fragrance to help you remember this beautiful day in the future. You can introduce scent to your wedding reception via mists, diffusers, candles, and even potpourri.

A Guest Book

Guest books frequently make appearances at enduring wedding receptions. If you want your reception to be particularly unforgettable, however, you should employ a guest book that has a bit of additional flair to it. Attendees have seen countless guest books at receptions. You can make yours stand out, though, by doing something that has an inexplicable “je ne sais quoi.” Think about making a coloring book image that’s based on you and your better half or producing a cute jigsaw puzzle utilizing an image of you and your upcoming spouse. You can make your guest book remarkably sweet by encouraging all of your attendees to write out meaningful and concise notes that you can see for the rest of your lives. Be sure to give your guests access to pens.

If you want to have an amazing wedding reception, you need to prepare with a lot of time. You also need to make things a team effort. Working with your future spouse can be an exhilarating experience.

Don’t forget to book a professional photographer to capture the little moments that happen on your wedding day. That way, you can treasure all the special things you planned for years to come!