How Closely Should You Adhere to Wedding Traditions?

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Ready to start planning your wedding? How exciting! At this early stage, you may be wondering how many of the old traditions you and your partner want to include, if any. Here’s a guide to help you get it right. 

Take the Financial Reins

In the past, it was traditional for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, but this custom has seen a shift in the past few decades. As more couples are choosing to host the event themselves, they’re giving themselves more creative control as well.

Should you and your significant other choose to go this route, you’ll already be breaking the mold in a way. That will allow you more freedom when it comes to deviating from any other customs. Just be sure not to go overboard when it comes to spending. You don’t want to start out your new life together with a mountain of debt. 

Remember Traditions Change

There’s no single formula to follow when planning a wedding—even a “traditional” one, as history has shown. While wedding rings have a long history, the traditions and symbolism of the rings have changed. Until the 20th century, for example, it wasn’t customary for married men to wear rings—only women. So there’s no reason for you to force the bridesmaids and groomsmen to dance with one another, or to toss bouquets and garters if that’s not your thing. Customize the day according to your preferences. You might even find yourself starting new trends amongst your family and friends. 

Ultimately Your Wedding Should Be Uniquely Yours

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter what’s expected—all that matters is that your day accurately represents who you are as a couple. Whether that means hewing closely to tradition or throwing out the entire wedding handbook, the choice is entirely up to you. Make sure to stress this when you’re making your plans, particularly with family members who might have different expectations.

To customize your day so that it reflects the two of you, try to add personal touches to everything from the invitations to the playlist at the reception. It doesn’t matter if your wedding dance is set to a romantic ballad or the rock song you danced to on your first date, as long as you both agree that it’s what you want.

The bottom line? Your wedding day is just that—yours. So start by cataloging any traditional elements that you can’t live without, and don’t fret about the rest.

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