Critical Decisions You Need to Make When Planning Your Wedding

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There are few days that are as meaningful, celebrated, and stressful as your wedding day. For starters, you are committing yourself to love and hold one person till death do you part, which is a majorly beautiful and nerve-wracking commitment. But on top of that you have all of your friends and family celebrating your love with you, which can be both magical and a recipe for disaster. The success of your wedding all hinges on the proper planning to keep things smooth. Here are three critical decisions that you need to make when planning your wedding.

The Size of the Event

The first critical decision that you need to make when planning your wedding is choosing the size of your event. Weddings can range from elopements with just a few guests and witnesses to hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance. The size of your event impacts nearly every aspect of your wedding, from venue to catering to budget and location considerations. The typical wedding has somewhere between seventy five and one hundred and fifty guests, but large weddings can involve hundreds of guests. Know who you want to share your wedding with early in the planning process.

An Indoor v. Outdoor Venue

Another crucial decision that you will have to make when planning your wedding day is whether you want to have an indoor or outdoor venue. Both indoor and outdoor venues can be beautiful and host truly spectacular weddings, but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each. An indoor venue will be ideal if the weather is bad on your wedding day. If you choose to go with an outdoor venue, make sure you ask what backup plans they have in the event of inclement weather on your special day.

Wedding Location

The final critical decision that you need to make when planning your wedding is the wedding location. Not to be confused with venue, location is simply the area of the world or country that you are hosting your wedding. Some people really want to have a destination wedding somewhere unique, but no this is a large expense for guests and will mean a smaller wedding. If you want to make things easy for friends and family to attend, consider a location nearby to where your friends and family live.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things you do in your entire life. But if you know the right decisions to make early, you can make things easier for yourself. Make these three decisions and your wedding planning will start to fall into place.

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