Wedding Trends Every Young Couple Should Know About

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Wedding Trends Every Young Couple Should Know About.

It is no secret that wedding trends are changing every year. Over the last 10 years, wedding traditions have seen a significant transformation from weddings 20 and 30 years ago. Following the pandemic, wedding trends have altered even more to accommodate individual and supply needs. Transitioning into this new era of weddings, this article will discuss a few of the hottest wedding trends every young couple should know about.

Changing Attire

Wedding attire is a major part of the wedding. Some brides-to-be spend years thinking about what they will wear walking down the aisle. Ultimately, what you wear should make you feel beautiful and one of a kind. Today, current wedding trends are focusing on simple cuts with more design elements to make the bride stand out. Adding tons of sparkle, beading and sequins are really bringing attention to the bride during the ceremony, while a get-away dress and even another outfit for a dance number or two is getting popular. As for the groom and bridal party, wedding attire is becoming much more casual. The groom can get away with a suit rather than a tux, and bridesmaids are usually in mix and match styles with contrasting elements these days, rather than uniform.

More DIY Planning

Because of supply chain breakdowns and thrifty trends, many individuals have switched to DIY projects. DIY decorations add a rustic and romantic element to every wedding, and have a unique charm that makes the wedding feel more personable. DIY planning is also more cost effective because you put in most of the work and cut supply and labor costs. With so much time to plan the wedding, and the overarching simplicity that weddings are adopting, DIY is the perfect choice for simple, personable, and chic weddings.

Less Formality

The number of couples choosing to celebrate in traditional weddings venues such as banquet halls, churches, and hotel reception rooms has dropped significantly. Meanwhile, unconventional venues like barns, outdoor gardens, and farms are growing in popularity. Couples are opting for less formality. Many couples are getting married later in life and can contribute more to their weddings financially. This means they have more control over the format of their wedding and can personalize it accordingly. Because of this, fewer weddings require black-tie attire and formal sit-down dinners. Instead, couples want their guests to be comfortable and socialize. Many couples describe their ideal celebration as more of a party than a formal event. It is important to remember that less formality should not make your wedding feel like a casual life event. You can still have a beautiful celebration with fewer traditional practices.


As society becomes more concerned with transitioning to eco-friendly living, weddings have been likewise impacted. Many wedding companies and venues are offering more sustainable wedding options than ever before. Choosing an environmentally friendly wedding means choosing products that can be reused, recycled, repurposed, or resold after the wedding. 

For example, foregoing plastic dinnerware will make a big impact on your carbon footprint. Straws are the most common single-use plastic and can cause a lot of environmental harm. Consider using metal or recycled paper straws for guests that insist on having one. If you are looking for additional ways you can plan a more sustainable wedding, reach out to a venue that offers outdoor space to help cut down on energy costs and use the beauty of nature to be your backdrop.

Transitioning Online

The integration of technology into society has changed many of the traditional practices. People spend so much time on their phones and online that it is more effective to communicate with them through the same method. Younger generation couples are sold on using online resources to plan and execute their wedding. Approximately 80 percent of a couple’s wedding planning is spent online. Design a wedding website that gives guests more detailed wedding information and tells your story. You can also link a registry online to make purchasing and returns much simpler.

Early Wedding Planning

Today’s generation values planning their wedding ahead of time. Two out of three young couples take at least one wedding planning action before getting engaged. Most young couples start the process of planning their wedding by looking at wedding dresses, creating Pinterest boards, and hiring a wedding planner to help them out. Many couples plan their wedding a year or two in advance to make sure they don’t feel stressed about planning and timeline. Long engagements and early wedding planning makes it possible for you to arrange every detail with a lot less stress.

Tailored Decorations

Couples are becoming more creative and sophisticated with their requests. Many couples want a more tailored approach to their requests. Tailored requests usually entail fresh centerpieces and unique elements that represent the couple. The transition to personalized decorations has caused a shift away from two-color schemes that couples used to focus on. Now it is more about the atmosphere and vibe rather than uniform matching tablespaces. Do not hesitate to pick elements that express you as a couple. Focus less on color schemes and more on the overall aesthetic to achieve this wedding trend.

Providing an Experience

Many parties that are hosted today try to focus on providing an experience for their guests. This line of thinking has wound its way into wedding celebrations as well. Couples are much more focused on providing entertainment and looking after their guests. Bride and groom want to make their wedding as much of a memorable experience for their guests as it is for them. Some experiences couples are coming up with include unique cocktail service, interactive entertainment like comedians and DJs, street artists to sketch your guests, photo booths, and so much more.

A wedding is one of the biggest life events you will experience. Perhaps the biggest trend today is the freedom to do what you want. Plan your wedding to reflect who you are as a couple and make your day truly memorable!

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