Decorations That Should Be at the Entrance to Your Wedding

Whether you are having a large party or an intimate gathering for your wedding, your guests are incredibly important to you. Each guest should feel welcomed immediately at your wedding, which can be accomplished further through entrance decorations! The decorations at the entrance of your wedding should be inviting, personable, and elegant, so here are a few to help!


Lights are essential wedding entrance decorations, especially if part or all of your wedding is at night. Lights are immediately warm and welcoming. Also, lights can be used to spotlight or emphasize other important decorations. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could even directly correlate lights with other decorations by having them correspond with your wedding colors. There are many different lighting options for you to choose from like from twinkle lights to pathway lights, all of which set slightly different moods.

Canvas Photo Prints

At least one large photo of you and your spouse should be at the entrance of your wedding. The guests are, after all, there to celebrate the two of you! There is nothing they would like to see more than a joyful, loving picture of the happy couple. Instead of typical photo prints, consider opting for canvas photo prints. With a canvas print, you don’t need to deal with a frame. Also, canvas printing reduces glare that happens with a typical photo print. A canvas print will be stunning from all different angles, in all lighting, and at all hours of the day.


Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. They are very beautiful and will definitely add an elegant touch to your entrance decorations. There are also many different decorations you can make with flowers from simple bouquet arrangements to extravagant floral arches or hanging garlands. Look for inspiration online, on social media, or in wedding magazines. If you are unsure about which flowers to use, try using ones that are in season when you get married. In-season flowers will be healthier, more suitable for the climate and natural color scheme, and often less expensive since they are in greater abundance than other flowers.

Every part of your wedding should reflect something about you and your spouse. This is especially true at its entrance. The decorations you use at the entrance of your wedding will make the first impression and set the mood for the rest of your wedding.

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