What You Need to Put on Your Invites Before Sending Them Out

What You Need to Put on Your Invites Before Sending Them Out

Your wedding invitations are an important part of your wedding planning. These are the pieces that ensure your guests know key information about the event. Before sending your invites out you need to include all the relevant information, photos, and an RSVP.

All the Relevant Information

Your invites need to have all the relevant information. It is easy to leave out information because you have many other things on your mind. Your invitation needs to include your names, and the names of the hosts. The hosts are typically who are paying for the event. You need to include the date of your wedding and the time. You should include the ceremony location as well as the reception location. Be specific when including locations to ensure that your guests don’t get lost. You should also indicate whether there will be a dress code for your event in the lower right corner.


What you include on your wedding invitations allows you to be creative. What you include can really personalize your invites, showcase who you are, and give a glimpse into your wedding day. You can utilize photos for an announcement card or invitations. You can make announcement cards if you get professional quality photos of your engagements. These are cards that are to only announce that the event is happening, not invite guests. You can also utilize professional engagements on your invitations.


You should include an RSVP either on your invite or on a card included in the invite for your guests to reply. This is an important piece for your peace of mind because you have numbers to think about for a caterer and your venue. RSVP cards will allow you to get a final count of who will be present at your wedding. You should make a deadline for receiving a “yes” or “no” from your guests a few weeks in advance to make sure you have down final numbers and allow your guests some time to respond. If also including a plated dinner at your wedding, included in an RSVP card can also be a place for them to select which option they prefer.

Your wedding invitation is an important piece of the event. It needs to include key elements for the wedding to go smoothly. Make sure you include all the relevant information, photos, and an RSVP before sending out your invites.

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