How to Find the Perfect Honeymoon Getaway

The Perfect Honeymoon tips from NYC Wedding Photographer.

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One of the most important parts of getting married is unwinding after the wedding on your honeymoon once you say, “I do.” The honeymoon is a time to enjoy romance and have a bit of adventure as you start your lives together. These trips can be lavish or simple, so long as they reflect both of your needs as a new family. Here are a few tips to follow when you want to find the perfect honeymoon getaway with your new spouse.

Finances Matter

One of the main factors that determine where you should spend your honeymoon is knowing your budget. Research which countries are cheaper or more expensive. Many couples make the mistake of splurging on their travels and coming home to a massive bill, which can make for a difficult start to your marriage. Start by having both parties save a bit of money before you create a realistic plan for where you can afford to stay. You can also consider using the money that you receive at your wedding to use towards the honeymoon. Some people with a smaller budget can benefit from an all-inclusive resort that allows you to pay a flat rate and avoid spending extra money on food or activities once you arrive. This is an easy way to know your complete budget ahead of time.

Identify What’s Important

Knowing what you value when selecting the right place to spend your honeymoon is a good way to bond as a married couple. You should ask yourself what types of places allow you to unwind and feel at peace. If faith is important, you can find Christian-focused honeymoon cabins that cater to your faith. You’ll get the chance to spend time in a positive setting where you can grow spiritually and can feel at ease. You may also value trying new experiences and having an adventure, which means that you may want to take a trip to a destination where there’s plenty to do and see. Knowing what you both value can allow you to be on the same page and narrow down a few options that accommodate your interests.

Consider the Season

Keep in mind that the time of year that you plan to schedule your honeymoon will determine the weather conditions that you encounter. If you want to enjoy the sunshine and laying out on the beach, research tropical destinations that have warm weather year-round if you plan to vacation during the fall or winter season. You’ll also need to consider how many people will be vacationing at the same time of the year, which will determine how crowded it is when you take excursions or dine at restaurants. If you want to spend time in a remote location that is secluded, opt for taking your honeymoon during the off-season when there are better deals, and fewer people are around. Traveling during the off-season will also allow you to take advantage of lower rates that are available. For example, traveling to the sunny, inviting beaches and resorts of the Caribbean between June and November will save you a lot because their peak tourist season is December through April.  

You may also want to consider if it’s the right time to take a honeymoon right after your wedding. Some people only get a certain amount of time off of work or need to recuperate after the planning process and wedding festivities. Understanding when the trip is most convenient for your busy schedule will make it easier to select the right time to travel without feeling rushed or exhausted.

Research the Accommodations

Knowing the accommodations that are available on your honeymoon will allow you to determine if you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy a high level of convenience. Research the size of the room that you’ll stay in and what’s available at the resort. You’ll likely want to have access to different types of activities or visit local attractions that are in proximity to your hotel. If your planned attractions and activities aren’t in walking distance from your hotel, then you may be able to rent a car. Looking into the accommodations will allow you to get an understanding of how much you’ll have to do on your own without the services of the resort that you book.

Consider If You Want to Relax or Stay Busy

Sit down with your spouse and reflect on the best trips that you’ve each taken throughout your lifetime. Some of the most memorable experiences may have included a busy itinerary, whether you were hiking through rainforests or taking up a new hobby like taking surfing lessons while in Hawaii. Other trips that you enjoyed may have included sleeping in each day and lounging on the beach. Knowing if you prefer to stay busy or book a low-key honeymoon will allow you to select the right destination and resort depending on what is offered.

Calculate the Distance

Whether you dream of spending your honeymoon in Fiji or envision yourself in a cozy cabin in the mountains in Lake Tahoe, you’ll need to calculate the distance from your home to the destination. Although the time that you spend on the road or in the air to reach your honeymoon location may seem minor, it will affect how rested you feel once you arrive. If you travel across the world, it can take several days to recover once you arrive and experience a bit of jet lag. Consider how far you’re both willing to travel and stay to ensure you’re in top shape to enjoy the local sights.

Look into Current Events

When you’re traveling to another country, you’ll need to look into current events that are occurring, whether the location recently experienced a natural disaster or there’s civil unrest. There may also be a financial crisis, which can make it difficult to enjoy your stay if the location is experiencing turmoil. If you select a country that isn’t currently in the news, then you’re more likely to avoid stress and remain safe while enjoying your honeymoon. The U.S. State Department also offers news on the current travel warnings.

With enough planning and preparation, you can have a smooth process finding your honeymoon destination and booking your getaway. Working with your spouse on selecting the right place will help to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience that is both romantic and memorable.

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