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Do You Have a Plan for Your Wedding Cake?

Tweet   Your wedding cake functions as the focal point for your wedding reception’s decorations. As such, this wedding centerpiece often gets very elaborate. However, dreaming of a stunning wedding cake and ending up with one maybe two very different things if you don’t plan it right. If you’re in the beginning stages of cake […]

wedding cake

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How Closely Should You Adhere to Wedding Traditions?

Tweet   Ready to start planning your wedding? How exciting! At this early stage, you may be wondering how many of the old traditions you and your partner want to include, if any. Here’s a guide to help you get it right. 

Wedding Traditions

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What Should You Look for in a Wedding Dress?

Tweet   The bridal gown is one of the most anticipated and memorable aspects of any wedding. All brides want to find the perfect dress that will showcase their beauty and wow their husbands-to-be. The incredible variety of wedding dresses on the market is both good and bad news. Having so many choices can be […]

bridal gown wedding dress

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Should You Have Your Wedding at Home?

Tweet   Having a wedding is wonderful, but preparing for one can cause a whole lot of stress. Even if you’re not going out of town, the pains of finding a big-enough venue and paying for rental costs can still be pretty big. However, if you already own a home with a fair bit of […]

Wedding at Home

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Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Tweet   The environment is one of the biggest issues of our time, and if we want to be conscientious and caring people then we all need to take responsibility to make our planet a better place. Being eco-friendly is the best way to show your love and appreciation for our environment, and when better […]

Eco-Friendly Wedding

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3 Details that Will Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Special

TweetWedding Reception Ideas from NYC Wedding Photographer   The little things matter the most in this lifetime. It may be a certain tone an individual’s voice has. It may even be a subtle and nostalgic fragrance in the air, too. If you want your wedding reception to be particularly poignant and memorable, focusing on these […]

wedding reception ideas

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How to Find the Perfect Honeymoon Getaway

TweetThe Perfect Honeymoon tips from NYC Wedding Photographer. One of the most important parts of getting married is unwinding after the wedding on your honeymoon once you say, “I do.” The honeymoon is a time to enjoy romance and have a bit of adventure as you start your lives together. These trips can be lavish […]

NYC wedding photographer

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4 Tips for Preserving Wedding Photos for a Lifetime

Tweet Photographs are very important to many of us. They serve as a reminder of happy memories in our pasts. They can also be quite difficult to properly care for. They can get damaged quite easily, and if you don’t have them backed up, or if you don’t have extra copies, there is no way […]

Wedding Photos for a Lifetime

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Give a Great Wedding Speech with These 4 Tips

Tweet Weddings are fun and emotional. So, ensure you capture these two aspects when giving a wedding speech. This will make the wedding memorable and the people to love you. Here are four tips for giving a wedding speech: Make People Laugh While giving a wedding speech, being funny is your secret weapon. When people […]

great wedding speech tips

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Things from Your Wedding Reception That Can Be Repurposed for Your Future Home

TweetWedding Reception Ideas from NYC Wedding Photographers Getting ready for a wedding is a big ball of feelings! You want to make sure that your special day is perfect and you’ve probably had an idea in your head of how you want it to look for quite some time. Don’t sacrifice your vision of a […]

wedding reception ideas

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